Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Will Succeed, Even If We Have To Fight Alone

While the White House blathers on about not wanting to meddle in Iran's affairs, those fighting for their self-determination seem a bit underwhelmed with the logic of President Obama and his spokesperson, Robert Gibbs.

"We are fighting with our lives and the world is just watching," said Ali, a Tehran University student who asked that his full name not be used. "They see how the government is trying to silence us, how they are beating us -- but they don't come to our help. It's OK. We will succeed, even if we have to fight alone."

That's because our president seems to have accidentally mailed his backbone to Gordon Brown along with the bust of Winston Churchill he felt clashed with the other decorations in the Oval Office. If it's any consolation, Ali, there are a lot of us here at home wondering what the hell our government is doing as well.

By the way, Mr. President, if these protestors do succeed, your attitude pretty much guarantees that nothing will be different with Iran's policy towards the United States. That'll be your fault, however, not the fault of the millions of people throughout Iran who are risking their lives in support of self-governance.


  1. Unfortunately, it IS the Iranian's fight. Not ours. Nor should it be if they are to succeed in their struggle for freedom and lay legitimate claim to their own destiny.

    Getting involved would cast doubts on the legitimacy of the protests and give Ahmadinejad and the mullahs carte blanche to claim "western interference."

    Look what's happened in Iraq and Afghanistan? The leaders have viturally NO credibility.

  2. I'm Going to agree with Fantome on this one, as of the last 8 years, every time we stick our heads in on something in the world, we get it chopped off at the neck. The people of Iran knew what they were doing, so when it all went to hell, they went straight with it.