Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama, Bush, and the Price of Stability

Has anyone else noticed that President Obama's response to events in Iran is very similar to the response by President George Herbert Walker Bush to the events in China 20 years ago? Both presidents offered muted responses to the outbreak of freedom, and neither offered much beyond platitudes in response to the violence committed against protestors.

In Bush's case, his treatment of the Tiananmen Square massacre became part of a larger narrative in his re-election bid in 1992. It was Bill Clinton and his campaign who chastised the President for failing to take a tougher stance with China in the wake of the events at Tiananmen Square. Now Clinton's wife is once again standing behind her man. The difference is, her "man" is President Barack Obama, and his policy towards Iran looks a lot like the same policy her husband criticized when he was running.

The chief argument made in favor of the 41/44 foreign policy is that it maintains "stability". It also maintains tyranny. Democrats spoke out against this policy twenty years ago, but they're fully supporting it today. Many Republicans opposed 41's policy at the time, and are at least being consistent in opposing the current policy of our President.

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  1. I can somewhat understand your statement, "That it Also maintains Tyranny", However at the moment we're Stretched far enough as is. Soon there will be a troop withdrawal from Iraq, And Maybe then we'll be able to do something. But I do personally agree with the current plan, Sometimes it's best to stand back and watch the fireworks, rather than get hit in the face when you light them off.