Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Great Divide

Taking a look at the Gallup Survey polling on gay marriage, I was really struck by the partisan divide. Overall, Americans oppose gay marriage 57-40. Among liberals, however, 75% support gay marriage, while 80% of conservatives oppose it.

Moderates are splity roughly 50/50, which leaves me wondering how on earth we can expect to find a single solution to make every American happy?

As a conservative, I view the pushing of this issue as less of an "equal rights" struggle and more of a "philosophical mandate". Of course I say that as a heterosexual married male, but frankly, my view doesn't matter one iota less than that of any other American (or more correctly, it shouldn't matter less). At some point the governmental meddling in every social issue is going to lead to an imposition of a philosophy that tens of millions of Americans are opposed to. Maybe instead of opposing gay marriage, abortion, etc... the new Republican Party could simply say that these aren't areas in which the government needs to be involved (a pipe dream, to be sure).

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