Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Question

I haven't gone away, just have been doing more thinking than writing over the past week. That's not actually a bad thing... I never intended for this blog to be constantly updated, but I found myself getting into that habit.

Something I've been pondering: in the American Revolution, there were a lot of ancillary issues that weren't settled at the time, the most notable being the issue of slavery. Abolition wasn't an unheard of philosophy at the time, but it was still a fringe issue. The same could be said for women's rights at the time. It was a side issue that never managed to get tied in to the larger issue of independence (no matter how hypocritical that might be). The central issue that brought so many disparate people together was, eventually anyway, independence.

Conversely, I wonder what our central issue is today, and what other related issues are going to prove to be side issues without enough traction or support to gain mainstream acceptance. Any thoughts?


  1. Immigration and border control, no question. These were addressed, but the will to uphold the law of the land seems to fluctuate, even after swearing to uphold them.

  2. The central issue in the American Revolution was the absolute Tyranny of the British Crown over the States. Declaring independence was the solution of last resort and only to the extent it removed the Tyranny. The war was the tool they used to facilitate the solution.

    I doubt we can argue that the current President is a Tyrant (The word derives from Latin tyrannus meaning "illegitimate ruler") since his election was legitimate. Therefore this new movement is nothing more than a protest of bad policy, which can be fixed in the election booth. I guess we need a movement to remind us we should be more careful and diligent on whom we vote for and why.

    I you want a theme of unification for this movement; it should declare war on apathy. The motto could be:

    When the government begins to ignore the People, apathy is aiding and abetting the abuse of power

    Who better to carry that message than the New Pamphleteers