Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The New Face of Protesting

This is just sad.

At the same time, even these pathetic excuses for Americans have their own list of (idiotic) demands, which is more than the Tea Party movement can say.

I don't mean to be too critical of the movement, because it is encouraging. It's also going to be a wasted opportunity if it doesn't start to coalesce around some remedies soon.

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  1. I hate to be the first but somebody has got to start. I consider that America has always stood for the newcomer and the native as a place where ones labor and talents be rewarded on the basis of merit. In fact, regardless of ones particular world view, America was and is a place where one might start over and forge your own vision or that one may express one's idea of serving a loving God by way of Destiny or that of a Sovereign Spirit as an Agnostic.

    It always seemed to be a place that had not yet ossified into dogmatic castes, or entrenched philosophies. Sure it seemed little flighty into the fancies of fashion, but its exuberance happened to be more than a match for any body of Tyrant and Stalwart alike.

    Yet we look around to our neighbors and find that most of the other countries around us have modified their form of government while ours has survived foe and friend alike. it is a robust system because it is a fragile one. It might allow a tear here or there but our flag was still there. Even this crisis exploited for political purpose too shall pass, but those who understand the nature of the Soul of our country can understand what must best needs be done. Huey P. Long struck a popular tone when he spoke to every man a King. But I speak of the King who understands sacrifice and sees that it gets done first before the Senatorial finishing touches were done and the proper palms greased before the enemy was met at Thermopylae, because he is the true guardian of his countries freedom.

    So, Clarendon. Let us propose Meritocracy. A place where the relative merits of Good and Bad may be debated and rewarded on the basis of eternal good and not the whim of political fashion, if we cannot decide what is good for all then we can what is best for most and thereby secure the rights of the minority by inclusion. We will serve our country best by defining what it is and securing the value of good government accordingly.